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PVC ID card CR80 | white 500 cards

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The CR80 card size in color is the most commonly sized card with a twist! Featuring an array of colors, the CR80 card size fits easily in most ID card printers for double or single-sided full-color or monochrome printing. Perfect for applications that need no encoded ID data, this versatile card comes in 30 mil thickness.

PVC ID card CR80

PVC ID cards are cards with a total thickness of 30 mil, in CR80 format (83.9mm x 51mm).

The cards have a standard format (CR80) as they are produced to be attached to proximity cards. PVC ID Cards are compatible with the vast majority of card printers.

PVC ID cards are highly durable and long-lasting products. The smooth PVC surface ensures a very good support for high quality images. They are particularly practical when used for heavy-duty applications. The estimated lifetime of a card is 24 months or 3000 cycles through a card reader.

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