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₨ 11500

UPS topology *Line-Interactive
Output power capacity *1 kVA
Output power *600 W
Waveform *Stepwise
Input operation voltage (min) *170 V
Input operation voltage (max) *280 V
Input frequency *50/60 Hz
Output frequency50/60 Hz
Response time 6 ms
Number of input phases  1
Number of output phases  1
Power factor 0.6

Verity Liebert itOn 1000 VA UPS

Liebert itON comes complete with an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) allowing flexibility and
reliability for PCs and other sensitive electronic equipment. With its compact design and easy to
use controls, Liebert itON also provides sufficient back up time, allowing work in progress to be
saved safely before proceeding with the system shutdown. Liebert itON also comes complete with
automatic restart and cold start functions for increased continuity and availability

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