Buddha Trade Concern

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About Us

Buddha Trade Concern, established in the year 2015, to fulfill the growing demand for Information Technology in Nepal. We are a diversified, competitive, professional and service oriented organization to serve and facilitate perceptive clients in the computing and electronic fields. Dealing mainly with IT Training & Education, Servers / Computers, Peripherals, Printers, Network/Communication/ Security equipments and office automation equipments, we try to sell the up-to-date international technology to Nepal. However, not only do we sell the products but, also provide tailor made software, train our clients plus install and maintain networks – A Total System Solution Company

We maintain highest level of standard in delivering our service and products. While we are concerned to introduce the latest technology always first into the market, we do not miss out the ground realities of Nepalese Society. Therefore, our services and solutions are for today and tomorrow.


We are a progressive company, trusted by our clientele because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental conservation, individuality, and teamwork. We are confident of our collective skills and meet challenges with innovative and creative solutions.

Keeping the customer in mind at all times, we ensure the quality of our products and make services our highest priority. From the quality-assurance efforts of each employee to the quality of our company as a whole, we devote ourselves to creating products and services that please our customers and earn their trust.

The philosophy of our employees is to Start Together & Achieve Together, which helps us develop and implement forward-thinking products and approaches. It is an approach that encourages employees to make a quick start, after which all related groups join together, pooling their strengths and wisdom to achieve a goal quickly and decisively.

We will continue to place top priority on the two keynote concepts of creativity and challenge and demonstrating the comprehensive strength of the group overall.