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BenQ ZOWIE EC2 Esports Gaming Mouse

₨ 9900

Product Zowie EC2 Mouse
Category Mouse
Brand Zowie
Color Black
DPI Upto 3200
Sensor Type Optical
No. of Buttons 5
Cable Length 2m
Weight 62 Grams

BenQ ZOWIE EC2 Mouse

The mouse is gripped in a traditional claw grip by curling your fingers together with assistance from your lower palm; the shape’s curved rear ensures even contact with the lower palm for greater grip. It also allows you to move freely from the front of your palm to the tips of your fingers.

  • The right side of the mouse is raised in the front to provide your 4th and little finger extra room. Zowie EC allows flexibility for the 2nd and 3rd fingers to click the buttons more easily, because to the curved design of the rear.
  • The right-hand concave shape aids your 4th and little fingers in gripping the mouse tightly and effortlessly.
  • The side buttons are strategically placed to prevent inadvertent clicks and provide a place for your thumb to rest.

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