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Intel Core i5-14400 2.5 GHz 10-Core LGA 1700 Processor | 14th gen Processor

₨ 41000

  • 10 Cores & 16 Threads
  • 2.5 GHz Base P-Core Clock Speed
  • 5 GHz Maximum Turbo Boost Frequency
  • LGA 1700 Socket
  • 20MB Cache Memory
  • Dual-Channel DDR5-4800 Memory
  • Integrated Intel UHD 730 Graphics
  • Hybrid Core Architecture
  • Includes Laminar RM1 Cooler
  • 14th Generation (Raptor Lake-S Refresh)

Intel Core i5-14400 14th gen Processor

The Intel Core i5-14400 2.5 GHz 10-Core Processor. Built with the Intel 7 process, this 14th generation desktop processor delivers improved power efficiency while fitting the LGA 1700 socket. Featuring an optimized Hybrid Core Architecture, the Core i5-14400 powers applications and games with six 2.5 GHz Performance-cores while the four low-voltage Efficient-cores handle background tasks for smooth multitasking. The built-in Intel Thread Director ensures that the two work seamlessly together by dynamically and intelligently assigning workloads to the right core at the right time.

With 20MB of cache and a 5 GHz Turbo Boost frequency, this processor is made to handle a variety of workloads. The Core i5-14400 also supports PCI Express 5.0 and up to 192GB of dual-channel DDR5 memory at 4800 MHz.

The Core i5-14400 features integrated Intel UHD 730 Graphics. A Laminar RM1 cooler is included

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