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Ahuja ASX-312B/312BT Wall Speaker

₨ 9700

Ahuja ASX-312B/312BT Wall Speaker

POWER TAPS 30W, 30/20/15/10/5W
SPL at 1kHz (1W/1m) 87dB
SPEAKER Woofer 100mm (4″), Tweeter 25mm (1″)
DIMENSIONS W180 × H248 × D140 mm
WEIGHT 2.45kg/2.92kg


Ahuja ASX-312B/312BT Wall Speaker

2-Way Compact PA Wall Speakers

  • High fidelity 2-Way speaker system in compact & attractive Black or White plastic housing. The suffix B & BT denote Black cabinet, and W & WT denote White cabinet. Ideal for various indoor and outdoor (under eaves) applications in Airports, Banks, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Lounges, Hospitals, Showrooms etc.
  • Comprises of a Water Resistant PP coated cone Woofer, a Titanium Dome Tweeter and a 2-way Crossover Network.
  • ASX-312B, ASX-312W are low impedance 8Ω speakers.
  • ASX-312BT and ASX-312WT are for use on 100V line with power taps of 30W, 20W, 15W, 10W & 5W.
  • Easy power tap selection through a slotted rotary switch knob at the rear.
  • ‘U’ type bracket for convenient & firm mounting of the wall speaker.

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