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Evolis Sig100 Electronic Signature Pad

₨ 26500

Evolis Sig100 Electronic Signature Pad

MANUFACTURER Evolis Technologies
PRODUCT TYPE Electronic Signature Pad
Display LCD: 320×150
Interface USB 2.0
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Dimensions: .4” H x 6.3” L x 4.7″ W
Net weight: 7.05 oz
Package Weight: 1 lb

Sig100 signature pads

  • Government and administration services identity documents, registration forms
  • Businesses: contracts, personnel management and visitor management
  • Financial services: opening accounts,taking out loans
  • Retail: payment confi rmation, customer loyalty programs
  • Health: admission documents, medical records
  • Tourism and leisure: registration, checking in and checking out

The Sig100 signature pads are robust, the greatest attention having been paid to the materials from which they’re made. Their surface is scratch-resistant for maximum lifetime and the 1-year warranty makes them a long-term investment.

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