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Chromo or Thermal Transfer | Barcode Label Sticker 40 x 60mm | 1500 Pic per Roll

Barcode labels are a necessity for products of all sizes and shapes! Find barcode labels on cosmetic products, food products, and even on your vitamin bottles, supplements or medicine bottles. We make choosing the perfect barcode label easy by offering large and small sizes, blank or custom printed!

Chromo or Thermal Transfer | Barcode Label Sticker 40 x 60mm

Thermal Transfer Labels

In thermal transfer printers, the thermal transfer process occurs not on the substrate, but on the ribbon. As the ribbon and substrate come into contact with the printhead, heat from the printhead melts the ink in the ribbon and releases (transfers) the ink directly onto the substrate. Ink used in the thermal transfer process is generally composed of wax, resin, or a wax/resin compound, according to the requirements of the project. Wax ribbons are less expensive and less durable, and are more suitable for short-term projects; resin ribbons are premium quality transfer agents, and are optimal for long-term, highly durable printing needs.

Advantages | Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing produces dense, high resolution images – color or black-and-white – and can be used on a wide variety of substrates. Since thermal transfer printing uses ribbon as the transfer agent, images produced by the process are highly resistant to chemicals and extremely durable. Thermal transfer printers work at high speeds and require little maintenance.

Disadvantages | Thermal Transfer

The primary disadvantage of thermal transfer printing is that each ribbon only has a one-time use. However, thermal transfer ribbons can be easily disposed and are comparatively environmentally safer to dispose of than the other printing technologies discussed. Thermal transfer printing is the industry’s most suitable solution for barcode printing applications. Extremely versatile, thermal transfer technology allows users to print crisp, resilient images on a virtually unlimited universe of substrates – a primary requirement of most barcoding projects. For absolute assurance of quality and reliability when it counts, there’s no other choice. Thermal transfer printing is the industry’s best solution for barcode printing.

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